Poems & More


American Poetry ReviewThe Space Between” Vol 47, 4. Sep/Oct, 2018. Print. forthcoming

Ploughshares: Winter 2018. Print. forthcoming
: “A Sting Hovers in My Window” Vol 47. Winter 2018. Print. forthcoming
: “The Path of Non-Attachment” Fall 2018. Online. forthcoming
The Literary Review
: “Mall at Millenia” and “Why Not Minot” Fall 2018. Print. forthcoming
Colorado Review
: “Portrait of a Clarion” Fall 2018. Print. forthcoming
: “Lethe” (winner of an Academy of American Poets Prize) Summer 2018 (republication) forthcoming
: “Here is Somewhere” Vol 55. Summer/Fall 2018. Print. forthcoming
The Missouri Review
“As Faithful as His Options” August 2018. Online. forthcoming
Canadian Woman Studies“Letter to My Embryo, Evolving” and“Third Wave” Vol 32: 1, 2, 2018. Print. (republication)
Split Lip Magazine
“How to Care for a Narcissist” Jul 2018. Online.

diode poetry journal“Rizzo’s Song” and “Newlywed” Jul 2018. Online.
The OffingThird Wave Jul 2018. Online.
Spillway“Loaded Noir” Vol 26. Jun 2018. Print. forthcoming
Prairie Schooner
“Doll, House” Spring 2018. Print.

WSQ: Women’s Studies Quarterly
If Barbie Had a Brain” and To Come Undone” (republication) Beauty Issue: Spring 2018. Print.
The Ekphrastic Review
“Tomb of the Wrestlers” Apr 2018. Online.

Bayou“The Line of a Girl” (winner of 2016 Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival Poetry Prize, selected by Yusef Komuyakaa) 2018. Print. 
Mississippi Review“After Fifteen Years” 2018. Print.
Sugar House Review“Denouement” 2018. Print.

Pleiades: Review of  Elizabeth Powell’s Willie Loman’s Reckless Daughter. Summer 2018. Print. 


Hayden’s Ferry Review“To Come Undone” 2017. Print.
Post Road“In Elixir” and “Rewind” 2017. Print and Online.
2 Horatio“Carry a Golden Shovel” 2017. Print and Online.
Iron Horse Review“Maenad in America” 2017. Print.
Tinderbox Poetry Journal“Equinox” and “Black Iris Sonnet” Vol 4, Issue 3, 2017. Online.
poems2go“Waterline”  June 2017. Online. (republication)
Green Mountains Review“Mirror, Mirror” April 2017. Online.
Anomaly“Gaslight”  Vol 25, 2017. Online.
Happiness is a Fish Called Melvin (anthology)“Waterline” (reprint), Big Wonderful Press, 2017. Print.
WSQ: Women’s Studies QuarterlyAt Sea Issue: 2017. Print.
The Adroit Journal“What’s Bottled Breaks” Issue 20, March 2017. Online. ((audio))
LEVELER“The Google Earth Effect” March 2017. Online.
New Ohio Review“Facebook Sonnet” Vol 21, 2017. Print.
The Cape Rock“Magnolia” 2017. Print.
diode poetry journal“Ripe” 2017. Online.
Cordite Poetry Review“Wuthering” Australia, 2017. Online.
Barrow Street“Mating Season” and “Lethe” Winter 2017. Print.

Southeast Review: Review of  Safiya Sinclair’s Cannibal. Vol 35.2, 2018. Print. 


The Massachusetts Review“Mezzo” , 2016. Print.
Foundry“Waterline” Vol. 2, 2016. Online.
Apalachee Review“Like Darwin’s Finches in Reverse” 2016. Print.
Louisiana Cultural Vistas“Letter to My Embryo, Evolving” 2016. Print.
Fjords Review“Oblation,” “Patience as a Force,” and “What You Can’t Know” 2016. Print. (featured cover)
AGNI“Mating Season” “Lethe” 2016. Online.
The Winter Anthology“Like Darwin’s Finches” Vol. 6, 2016. Online.
The Los Angeles Review“Hole Reunion Sonnet” Vol. 19, 2016. Print.
50 Haikus“[this Sunday morning]” 2016. Print.
New South: “Phalaenopsis” Vol. 9, No. 1, 2016. Print.
Borderlands & Crossroads: Writing the Motherland (anthology)“Matryoshka” Demeter Press, 2016. Print.
The Adroit Journal“Undolled” and “Little Wekiva River” Issue 14, Winter 2016. Online ((audio))

2015 & earlier

JuxtaProse: “Matryoshka” Vol. 5, December 2015. Online.
The Florida Review: “Like Darwin’s Finches” (finalist for the Editor’s Prize), “Verbal Abuse,” and “Cage Sonnet” 2014. Print.
Dead Mule of Southern Literature: “There are Days,” “Waiting,” “South Charlene,” and “Gypsy Elegiac” 2012. Online.
Sugar House Review: “Krishna” Spring/Summer 2012. Print.

Specs: Review of  Janée J. Baugher’s Cöordinates of Yes. Fall 2011. Print.