Undoll (YesYes Books, 2019)

selected poems online

Verse Daily: “Gaslight”

Poetry Daily: Oblation”

New Ohio Review: “Facebook Sonnet”

Plume: “The Path of Non-Attachment”

The Missouri Review: “As Faithful as His Options” Poem of the Week. “Lethe” Academy of American Poets Prize. (republication)

The Literary Review: “Why Not Minot”

Split Lip Magazine: “How to Care for a Narcissist” 

diode poetry journal: “Rizzo’s Song” and “Newlywed”  

Post Road: “In Elixir” and “Rewind”

LEVELER: “The Google Earth Effect”

The Offing: Third Wave”

AGNI: “Mating Season” “Lethe”

The Adroit Journal: “Undolled” and “Little Wekiva River”  ((audio))

Foundry: “Waterline”